PRIMERO Crystals

About PRIMERO Crystals

PRIMERO Crystals®, launched in 2023, is a premium brand of lead-free* crystal components fulfilling the demand of those who are looking for outstanding quality and brilliance. The assortment offers an extensive range of shapes, colors, and sizes, that are supplemented with bi-annual innovation launches. PRIMERO Crystals® are manufactured in Austria adhering to the highest environmental and social standards.
(*crystal glass and all other material containing 0.009% lead or less)

Why PRIMERO Crystals

Incredible brilliance
Highest quality crystals with incredible brilliance and sparkle
Made in Austria
Made in Austria
Availability without any restrictions
Availability without any restrictions in extensive range of assortment
Highest standards
Highest environmental and social standards

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Primero Crystals from? Are these Swarovski crystals?
Primero Crystals are made in Austria. It is not Swarovski, this is our own exclusive brand. Detailed supplier information is confidential and cannot be disclosed.
What is the quality of Primero Crystals?
Primero Crystals is a premium brand of outstanding quality crystal components, basically you will not be able to see the difference from the world's leading brand of crystals in terms of quality, assortment, color consistency, etc.
You are using the same article numbers as Swarovski. Are these Swarovski products?
Swarovski terminology has become an industry standard, but this is our own private brand.