Pear Pure Brilliance Cut

THE PURE BRILLIANCE CUT. For the first time in history, Swarovski has applied ideal diamond-cut standards to zirconia. Swarovski’s Pure Brilliance Cut makes Swarovski Zirconia the finest diamond simulant on the market. The Pure Brilliance Cut offers the same brightness as a Tolkowsky ideal cut, recognized as the world’s most perfect diamond cut. THE LASER ENGRAVING. Every Swarovski Zirconia is marked with a microscopic 'SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA' laser engraving to ensure Swarovski authenticity. The laser engraving is invisible to the naked eye and does not impair the brilliance of the stone. THE COLOR SPLASH. Swarovski Zirconia comes in an array of exciting colors. These shades are produced using Swarovski’s patented and completely radiation-free, TCF™ (Thermal Color Fusion) process. Beyond color, this process also gives each stone a permanent, and highly durable, hard ceramic surface, which also protects it during rigorous production techniques and cleaning methods.

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