Swarovski Zirconia Cushion Pure Brilliance Laser engraved 6x6mm White

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• The finest quality available today.
• Created using only the highest quality raw materials.
• Swarovski's Pure Brilliance Cut for Zirconia has 57 facets.
• Swarovski's Pure Brilliance Cut delivers the same level of brilliance as natural diamonds.
• The engraving guarantees that the zirconia stones are cut in accordance with the cutting parameters stated by the GIA as being 'ideal for diamonds'.
• Every single Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia carries the exclusive Swarovski engraving, even down to a size of 0.70 mm.
• The perfectly balanced proportions of our stones enhance the brilliance and beauty of any jewelry.
• Zirconia has near-identical properties to diamonds in terms of brilliance, refraction and durability.
• Zirconia can withstand very high temperatures (2750° C) and can therefore be set like a genuine diamond.
• Zirconia can be applied to jewelry without the need for adhesives, making it extremely durable and ideal for everyday wear.
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ProducentSwarovski Gemstones
Kraj produkcjiAustria
RodzajSwarovski cyrkonia
Swarovski Gemstones CutCushion Pure Brilliance
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