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SWAROVSKI Crystal Buttons can be used in exactly the same way as standard buttons. The assortment of available buttons ranges from those for shirts, blouses, jackets, and coats, to buttons for denim and accessories. They are suitable for hand and mechanical application. The assortment includes Crystal Buttons, Buttons with Plastic Shanks, Decorative and Jeans Buttons, as well as Snap Fasteners in a variety of sizes, colors, and effects. Swarovski Buttons can be sewn on to stage costumes, dresses, coats, shirts, trousers, cushions, throws, curtains and other items and accessories to create an individual and stunning look. By replacing plastic or glass buttons with Swarovski Crystal Buttons you can transform your items. Here you can find the official color chart of Swarovski Sew-On articles from standard collection.

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  1. Swarovski 3015 Round 16mm Crystal

    Cena promocyjna 1,31 € Normalna cena 1,49 €
  2. Swarovski 3015 Round 16mm Jet unfoiled

    Cena promocyjna 1,31 € Normalna cena 1,49 €
  3. Swarovski 3015 Round 14mm Crystal (2 szt)

    Cena promocyjna 1,83 € Normalna cena 2,08 €
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