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SWAROVSKI Sew-On Articles are loose crystals that can be easily sewn either by hand, or with a standard domestic or industrial embroidery sewing machine onto any type of textile or accessory. Sew-On Articles come in two- or three-hole varieties, including round, oval, and triangle holes for use in a wide range of decorative applications for fine embroidery or even jewelry. Lochrosen are crystals with just one hole. Sew-On Articles have rounded edges on the hole entry and exit areas to guarantee thread protection. The most important item is art. 3188 XIRIUS Lochrose Sew-on Stones, featuring the most and unique cut on the market: XIRIUS star design. Here you can find the official color chart of Swarovski Sew-On articles from standard collection.

Produkty 1-20 z 430

Ustaw kierunek malejący
  1. Swarovski 3256 Galactic 19x11.5mm Crystal Moonlight

    Cena promocyjna 1,60 € Normalna cena 4,00 €
  2. Swarovski 3256 Galactic 14x8.5mm Crystal Moonlight

    Cena promocyjna 1,20 € Normalna cena 3,00 €
  3. Swarovski 3250 Rectangle 25x18mm Crystal AB

    Cena promocyjna 2,00 € Normalna cena 5,00 €
  4. Swarovski 3250 Rectangle 18x13mm Crystal

    Cena promocyjna 1,20 € Normalna cena 3,00 €
  5. Swarovski 3200 Rivoli Round 12mm Crystal (4 szt)

    Cena promocyjna 2,38 € Normalna cena 2,97 €
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